Natural Stone Restoration

Marble Floor Restoration & Polishing

We grind your marble, travertine or limestone floor completely flat – removing all lippage (uneven tiles) and scratches. We then hone with diamond abrasives, starting at a low grit and progressing into higher grit, depending on the type of finish desired.

Terrazzo Resoration & Polishing

Using the same process we do with natural stone, we uncover the beautiful terrazzo surface that lies beneath many ugly coatings! Once restored, your beautiful terrazzo will no longer have to be continually waxed!


Stone Countertop Restoration & Polishing

We can remove scratches, etch marks , and even repair chips in your stone counters then mechanically polish them to a deep shine!

Stone Shower Restoration & Polishing

We remove any etching or calcium deposits in your stone shower and then hone and naturally polish them